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"I can reach it, I just need a little leverage!"
Everyone has there stories, some are more discriptive & longer. Some are sad, tragic, or funny & bright. 
I try & teach my son, Mason, everyone deserves a chance, a chance to be heard, a chance to been seen, and a chance to do. Always work hard & make sure to do the best you can, you will be more proud of the person you see in yourself. Mason is extremely bright & loves every aspect of learning. He counts to 20, Alphabet is a walk in the park! He can even read, Mason hasn’t had much of a normal childhood any 2 year old should have. Dispute that he still everyday is the happiest baby I know. I feel he deserves so much more than what he has, and that’s why I choose to leave and work my fingers to the bone until he has a place to call home.
I’ve been a single mom for about 2 months now. Being a single parent is well, harder than words I can’t find to describe it. Now being a single parent and homeless can be a breaking point for anyone. When leaving my husband, I ultimately lost my car, out place to live, and I was a stay at home mom so I left with no source of income or money. I couldn’t justify staying for any of those things any longer out of fear of being seriously hurt or killed, or my biggest fear of something happening to my son. Everyday I’ve been able to either work enough to make cash that day which paid for food, and possibly enough for a hotel room. If I don’t have enough to pay for a room, my friend would allow us to sleep in his car. Every morning I ask myself the same questions and faced with constantly playing the game of catch up. How am I going to make money today? Who if anyone can watch Mason? How am going to get to this job? What I make today, is it going to be enough for a room and food? 
Now I’m a survivor, I don’t quit, and tomorrow’s a new day kind of girl. But is winter, nights are getting colder and I’m afraid without a real chance, I’m going to loose custody of my son, who is my everything. I’m actually pushing myself to even submit this on this site because I’m very independent, and it’s hard for me to ask for help. However I will stop at nothing till Mason has a safe place and his own spot to his at home, his home. I have a goal I have set for myself, interviewing for real jobs, getting a job same day of interviewing, working and saving even cent I can to look for and buy a cheap car, maybe around $400-$700. Of which would help me obtain my ultimate goal of finding and getting our new home. I can reach that goal no problem. I work hard and always push myself, I just need a little leverage. Leverage right now for me would be a place to stay for a week, preferably 2 weeks. This way almost my focus can be on landing a job, which I could job search from my room, contact potential employers, phone interviews, and have a place to rest and shower before interviewing., once working ( ideally As Soon As Possible ) they money I would be making and usually spending , ( Average nightly cost for a hotel room is $98 ) I could be setting aside where I would very quickly save enough to buy a car. I’d be able to take Mason more place, take him to his appointments, have my own transportation which could mean more hours at work, or to have transportation incase of an emergency. I could work more hours or find a second job which would enable me to finally put away enough money to afford a place to call home. 
With just a little leverage I can show my son that hard work and a chance, you can change a life, we’ll actually 2 lives, into something they thought they wouldn’t be able to have because mom, I struggled to stand on my own 2 feet with the weights of life pulling me down. I just simply could catch a breath of air, and my arms are getting tired of treading water in the same place. So I’m asking for one, or many, people to read my story, of which I barley even opened, and see a women of hope, strength, ambition, and provide me a ledge to get that leverage I so desperately need so that I can gain ground to where I am able to support my son and myself continuously without a constant struggle. So that my son has a home, live a normal childhood, and grow to be the successful, compassionate, lucrative man I know he will be. 
Anything is everything to Mason and I, so please any and all donations are more than we can ask for or expect. I am in no way saying the amount I am seeking has to be met, this is just the cost at the best rate also discounted hotel in my area for 1 week. However to undoubtedly reach the goal I have set for myself, realistically I see feezable with 2 weeks, but again Amy donations that are made are more than I can ask for.

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