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Please help, I need money to pay for rent so my children and I can get out of debt
Hello, my name is Oselepriya, I am a single mother of four living in Africa and ever since its been really tough and I have been struggling to take care of my children, all boys by the way, and now my rent has expired about one month ago. The children and I have been very lucky that the landlord hasn't kicked us out yet, but he's been demanding payment of our rent lately. I'm really frustrated because I can't seem to find enough money so my family can get back on our feet. 
 We've been living hand to mouth since I always have to borrow money from friends  to pay for our feeding. The amount they give us is just barely enough to last us a few weeks. I feel really depressed and miserable because I can't afford three square meals for my family. Please if you've continued reading up to this point I really appreciate it, at least someone is actually hearing my story. Please who ever you are that's reading this, I am asking or begging that you assist me in paying my rent and helping my family get back on our feet. I wish to raise $2000 in donations and it will go a long way in helping us. Please, you can donate any amount you are comfortable with. You can donate to my paypal account below. I will be really grateful if you can contribute in helping us have a roof over our heads as I don't know if I can bear it seeing that the children are homeless and fatherless. Thank you and God bless you. please comment and share.

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