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I Need Help
now im 20 years old. I am currently in debt and facing collections, i have $500 to my name, i am a recoding artist, i rely hate the phrase “struggling artist” but that’s exactly how Im feeling. In the past 3 months it feels like I’ve received bill, after bill, after bill. Since my parents split and my dad moved away my mom is just too tight for me to feel COMFORTABLE asking for help, she has helped me enough and she deserves to help HERSELF now. So parents are not an option, right now I’m trying to pay my own way back to school and back into the studio seeing as I haven’t recorded (my version of “therapy”) a song in over 8 months because I’ve been trying to “save”. Then I ot HIT with all these bills. I was involved in a 3 car accident, and 2 car accidents of which I was not at fault. I had visited the hospital for health scares even before the accidents I have insurance but after insurance I still owe so much ($1,115.94) to be exact. I’m basically at the brink of mental exhaustion and I really can’t afford (literally) afford to fall back into depression. Which is a real scare, I’m stronger than the old me now though, so I’m really not TOO worried about that. I’m just worried about the IRS and collections, I don’t know what this stuff means completely and I do not know how to (or if I even CAN) fight it. So here’s the end of it, I’m pretty freaking scared of this, I have two jobs that pay my actual RENT food and I gas meaning no new clothes or studio time or anything for ME. Just surviving and enjoying what life I do have bc even with this struggle I still have a lot to be thankful for in just really scared and don’t know where where else to turn for money, I do not have enough TIME to save from my jobs (server at 1 restaurant and hostess at the other restaurant). Sorry I’m a little frazzled typing this, but anyway! I guess I’m “begging money” in the amount of $2,000.. Sorry everyone if this was unorganized. And thanks or taking time to read, God bless. (Oh and if you can’t donate, then please pray; yes I believe in God, but if you don’t you definitely don’t have to pray but just wish me luck) I appreciate it guys, thanks.

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