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Odd ball ways to make ends meet!
I've done this one before and it has worked in the past but in my area it no longer relevant.. Go to book stores with books that have no tears or markings in them like pen or pencil and get cash for books (sometimes you'll only get credit, that was the case for me up until I thought as a business owner that splitting half of profits (from my book credits not cash) with 2 nonprofit places like Library and who ever needed to buy a book (in store only) was a grand idea of mine then I requested they close my account! Plan worked.

Pick up yard gigs such as gardening

Watch movies for money, avoid Online ones I mean actually ask people at movie stores and theater if they want feedback and they might pay you in food or cash.

Go to Lowes and become a professional 1099 installation rep, (HARD WORK LEVEL IS HARD) you must possess skills for role

Sell vintage goods offline because Online won't always be the best unless you are SKILLED in the playing field. I know from experience!

Well can't tell everyone everything, got to learn on your own too.

Take care all ?Polar Bear on ?

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