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Where did you last go on a trip that you enjoyed?
Where did you last go on a trip that you enjoyed?

  Can you recommend a good travel company?
I just recently went to Greece with my girlfriend, it was just an incredible experience, we loved it there.
It took us a long time to choose a travel agency that would arrange the perfect trip for us, booked the hotels for us, and the trip itself was perfect, it was very important to me that everything was perfect.
Since I was going to surprise my girlfriend, I searched very scrupulously for a company cheap flights in Canada, started asking friends, and they advised me of their options.
I decided not to take any chances and took their advice, contacted them, and discussed everything, what should be, how we want to fly, what class, and what hotels to book.
Everything went well enough.
I can say that the trip went just fine. I have only good impressions about the travel agency and about the trip itself.

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