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Use Ibotta app to make money
So, this forum seems to be not entirely active however I'm gonna put this out there anyway. Might really help some people :0

Anyway, there's this free app Ibotta (available for iphones and android Big Grin) where you can get rebates on the grocery items you buy probably every day. All you have to do is select what you wanna save money on and send off your receipt. There's a huge amount of rebates you can get money back on (simple things like milk or bread or eggs or brand-related things like Kraft, etc). If you use your referral code to invite other people, you'll get $5 and your friend will get $10 (when your friend redeems a rebate, and there's no limit). My referral code is apdrmja which will allow you join my 'team' and be able to earn money faster with some of the bonuses in the app.

Best of luck to everyone struggling with hard times  Heart
This is still valid for making money and using my code apdrmja will also help in making more money!

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