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receive money
HI i would like to know which options there are which to receive money. i live in a third world country and paypal doesn't do business with my country ,so i can't receive money there ,also i can't cash out cashapp and zelle. I need money,i did some work online but there is no way for me to receive that money in cash or in an online wallet which i can use for purchases. anyone can help me find an option?
Which country are you in, I could give you business ideas that doesn't require internet.
i am from suriname,
That's a developed world 2nd not 3rd world, I went on maps so I'm sure there are local money options and something you could do or I could hire you to share my link since I found out my shop can now ship international. If you're interest is there in sales get back to me...

Chat at link as chat here won't work.

Up to you.

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