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《Evil Soul》- The most detailed guide for beginners
The game I'm going to recommend to you today is Evil Soul, an Action Role Playing Game (Action RPG) filled with dark fantasy, where players will be adventuring in a world full of danger and secrets. As a newcomer to the game, you may feel overwhelmed by the various mechanics and gameplay in the game. Don't worry, this most detailed beginner's guide will take you through every aspect of Evil Soul and help you get started and enjoy the game quickly.
 First look at Evil Soul
Evil Soul is a game that combines action combat, character growth, and a dark fantasy story. Players will take on the role of a hero chosen by the power of darkness and gradually uncover the truth of the story through battles, exploration and quests to ultimately save the world.
[Image: 20240625_060018_1.png]
Character Creation
1. Choose a profession
At the beginning of the game, you need to choose a profession. Each profession has unique skills and fighting style. Below are a few common professions and their characteristics:
Shadow Assassin: fast, good at stealth and quick attacks, suitable for players who like to fight flexibly.
Flame Mage: powerful long-range attacks, able to manipulate flames and inflict sustained damage on enemies, suitable for players who like long-range output.
Undead Knight: strong defense, outstanding melee ability, suitable for players who like solid defense and melee combat.

2. Customize your character
After choosing your profession, you can customize your character's appearance. This includes gender, hairstyle, face shape, and so on. This step will not affect the game performance, but it will make you feel more immersed in the game.
[Image: 20240625_060043_2.png]
Basic Operation
1. Movement and Viewpoint
Use the virtual joystick or touch screen to control your character's movement.
Slide the screen to adjust the angle of view, to ensure that you can clearly see the surroundings and enemies.

2. Attack and Skills
Tap the attack button on the screen to perform normal attacks.
Different professions have different skill buttons, tap the corresponding button to release skills. Skills usually have a cooldown time, so use them wisely.

3. Props
In the game, you will get all kinds of props, such as medicine, bombs, etc. You can choose to use them in your backpack. You can choose to use them in your backpack, which can help you at the critical moment.
[Image: 20240625_060104_3.png]
Character Growth
1. Upgrade
By defeating enemies and completing quests, you will gain experience, and when you reach a certain amount of experience, your character will be upgraded. After upgrading, the character's attributes will increase and new skills may be unlocked.
2. Equipment
During the course of the game, you will acquire a variety of equipment, such as weapons, defenses, and accessories. Equipment can improve your character's attack power, defense power and other attributes.
There are different qualities of equipment, ranging from normal to legendary. Higher quality equipment has better attribute bonuses.

3. Skill Tree
Each profession has a unique skill tree. As your character levels up, you can gain skill points and use them to unlock or upgrade skills.
Choosing the right direction to upgrade your skills can give you an edge in battle.

Game Mechanics
1. Quest system
Main quests: key tasks that drive the plot, usually with generous rewards upon completion.
Side quests: Provide extra experience value and resources to help you grow faster.
Daily quests: Repeatable quests that can be completed every day, providing stable resources and rewards.

2. Dungeon Exploration
There are various dungeons in the game waiting for you to explore. The dungeons are full of powerful enemies and rich loot.
Each dungeon has its own unique challenges and boss battles. Completing dungeon adventures is an important way to improve your strength.

3. Shop and Trade
You can purchase equipment, props and resources in the in-game store.
Some high-level items may need to be obtained through in-game currency or special quests.

Combat Skills
1. Familiarize yourself with the enemies
Each type of enemy has its own unique attack patterns and weaknesses. Familiarizing yourself with the behavioral patterns of your enemies will allow you to defeat them more effectively.
2. Reasonable use of skills
Skills have a cooldown time and cannot be abused at will. Reasonable arrangement of skill release order can maximize the output or defense effect.
3. Movement and Evasion
Moving and dodging are important means of avoiding damage in battle. Don't pile output, learn to dodge the enemy's counterattack in between attacks.
Socialization and Cooperation
1. Join a guild
Join a guild to join other players for quests and dungeon adventures for more rewards and fun.
2. Grouping
Many of the quests and dungeon adventures can be done in groups with other players, and cooperation can make it easier to defeat strong enemies.
3. Communication
Utilize the in-game chat system to share your experience and combat skills with other players to make progress together.
With its rich gameplay content and deep role-playing elements, Evil Soul offers endless challenges and fun for players. I hope this guide will help new players get started with the game faster and enjoy the exploration and adventure. I also accidentally saw this game on the latest update page of a website (, and I feel it's not bad, so I recommend it to you.(

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