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Be careful of fb/parents in debt
While I recently after 5 years got back on (fb chat app) due to sister phone number being out of order I've been watching news of hacker and very concern of its motives... Until we physically live near or with her then maybe the app might be off my phone because at that point I'd buy her a phone + number (she must live away from her ex wife even though she's still married) our parents are in $4000 debt combined, found out yesterday plus many other things so if you can help or share that would be great!

Prayers are good too Smile

Please let's talk of resources here and maybe talk on conference calls (video chat) I never give out my number. I love to speak to others however I dont call people at home only outside for private reasons. 

Warning, I get cybersickness we must keep calls short under 15 or 20 mins.

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