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Art tour exhibition 2024 Vendors Requested
You must be 18 + to be a vendor as contract will be involved before you are official vendor with my business Love Retail ONLINE not in person. Been in business since 2020 and create art, please only message me on here as able or comment with the community. 

What I'm looking for. All kinds of people and art non nude though.

* $100 fee applies to all who CHOOSE to join me in PAID virtual Art tours so I can SUBMIT my work and yours, you get benefit of paid for art kits if you stay as a vendor up to 3 months (if you ghost or back out before last month of your vendor contract no refunds are granted even after so you must be a serious artist and able to take on business meetings with me (Craft fairs every week)

$50 fee applies to beginning artist and those type of vendors can't go to business meetings until after 6 months but will always be involved in craft fairs under my wing.

$25 fee applies to those who have kids and want to enroll them to virtual art shows or craft fairs (they must be with their siblings on webcam to make most money count, if only child please encourage their friends to join in on the party.

Must pay via Money order or cash by mail, no CHECKS ever due to scams out there and I dot trust wire transfers.

If you're local to McMinnville Oregon we can look at hand in hand cash but this will be fully online...

Will create a PAID group in forum as able, currently recruiting members of interest.

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