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Please help make a house liveable.
Hi everyone. I hope everyone is doing ok.

I live in S.E. Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula. I am doing ok with my life, but recently was given a notice to vacate by my landlord, by the end of November.
A friend of mine offered me his house also here in town, it's a bit out of town, but it is quiet, and peaceful.

The house has been vacant for a while, and I've been checking on it for a few years now, but it was broken into a few times, so there is wall damage where they entered, also the locking mechanism on the front door is very damaged, and needs replacing.

There is no water in the house at all, as the theives stole the power cable for the deep well pump, there is no water tank anymore, they took the kitchen sink also, plus many other things.

Basically the house has no water, no electricity, and is not secure. I have to somehow at least take care of these basics before I can think of taking my things there at the end of this month.

So the house needs;
A 12 V water pump, at least a 100 watt solar panel, at least one deep cycle battery to hold some type of charge, so there will be a bit of energy to run a 12 volt water pump, plus power some lights for the nighttime. It also needs of course a new secure door lock, the hole in the wall repaired, plus a double kitchen sink. The house is  off grid, and is a km out of town, so there are no cell signals strong enough in the area, so a Starlink satellite internet dish would work there perfectly.

I calculated all the costs, and I would need to raise roughly MX Pesos 25,000, or approx US1300 (one thousand three hundred) to get everything in the list above.
It's very very difficult to live in the heat of S.E. Mexico, without water, and power. The internet would be great also of course as I do work online, and would save me the cost of going to town and using my cell.

I'm posting this as I'm older and I live on fixed income. I also work online part time, but i don't make enough to pay all these costs all up front. It will take me a long time to save the funds to make this all possible.

Please help with whatever you can, i'll try to post updated info here if this fundraising effort is somehow successful, and thanks for taking the time to read this!

My paypal is

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