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How To Log Out of Netflix on A Smart Tv?
Netflix is one the most popular streaming platforms that offers original series and films, as well as licensed content from various production companies. Users can access Netflix via their smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles etc. If you need to log out of Netflix on your smart tv then, don't worry the process is very simple just follow the given steps - 
1. Turn on your smart TV and launch the Netflix app. 
2. Navigate to the home or main menu on your TV by pressing the home button on your remote. 
3. Look for the settings or gear icon and select it to enter the settings menu. 
4. Scroll down and find the option to sign out or log out of Netflix. 
5. Click on it and confirm your selection if prompted. 
That’s All, Now you will be taken back to the Netflix login screen. 

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