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How do I effectively use grenades in Sigma Apk?
To effectively use grenades in Sigma Apk, follow these tips:

Timing: Timing is crucial when using grenades. Consider the distance between you and your enemies and throw the grenade when they are within the blast radius.

Area Denial: Use grenades to block off enemy movement or force them out of cover in Sigma Apk. By strategically throwing grenades, you can limit their options and create advantageous situations for yourself and your team.

Communication: Coordinate with your teammates when using grenades. Inform them about your plan to throw a grenade, so they can adjust their positions or take advantage of the chaos caused by the explosion.

Utilize Environment: Take advantage of the game environment to maximize the effectiveness of grenades. Bounce grenades off walls or use obstacles to direct the explosion towards enemies who are taking cover.

Combo Attacks: Combine grenades with other offensive strategies. For example, you can throw a grenade to force enemies out of cover and then follow up with a well-timed ambush or coordinated attack.

Practice and Learn: Experiment with different throwing angles, distances, and situations to gain experience and improve your grenade usage. Understanding the mechanics of grenades will help you make better decisions in the heat of battle.

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