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Managing Archived Chats in GBWhatsApp: Restoring and Navigating Hidden Conversations
To archive a chat, press and hold the chat in the main chat list, tap on the archive icon (usually an archive box) that appears at the top, or use the "Archive" option from the chat's menu.

Accessing Archived Chats: To view archived chats, scroll to the bottom of your chat list and tap on "Archived Chats." Here, you'll find all your hidden conversations.

Restoring Chats: In the Archived Chats section of GB WhatsApp, press and hold the chat you want to restore, then tap on the restore icon (usually an unarchive box) that appears at the top.

Navigating Archived Chats: While viewing archived chats, you can send new messages, view media, and access chat settings as you would in the main chat list.

Unarchive All Chats: GBWhatsApp provides an option to unarchive all chats at once if you want to restore multiple conversations simultaneously.

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