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Here's some of his messages!

>Sorry to have gotten back to you so late, actually the transfer was done to your given nominated account but the transfer was returned back due to the fact that transfer fee was to be indulged before the issuing bank would release the payment to your nominated bank.

For the fact that €4000.00 has already been sent to your account but it was returned back, so before the transfer would appear in your bank account, the transmission charges fee as to be paid first, I hope you understand me better.

>I just got another quick notice from the issuing bank that the funds won't release the funds and the Payne to be reflected in your account until they confirm the €60 transmission charges fee so for the the €4000 to be reflected in your account later today or latest tomorrow.

Please kindly get back to me as soon as possible so that I can take fix this for you today and you can receive your money as soon as possible.

Dodgy Dodgy Dodgy
Thank you for posting. Everyone needs to be aware that there is never a time that you need to send anybody money for a transaction fee or transmission charge no matter what. I'm sure it can be tempting, especially when they are "promising" to send a large amount of money to you. The truth is, if people want to help, they will donate to your paypal, venmo, cashapp, or gofundme, WITHOUT asking you to pay anything to them. Thanks for being alert, Azillia1234, and thanks for sharing this with the other members.

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