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Please help me get back on my feet
Hey guys where do I start? Im very new to this so I apologize if I sound too formal or not formal enough but I’m just going to be as open and honest as possible. I’m a 32 year old sad pathetic male  loser( or at least I feel like one) currently unemployed and living with my mom. I wasn’t always this way though, I once had a steady job in a promising career within the home infusion therapy service industry. Had been working for one of the largest home infusion therapy companies in the country and within three years had worked my way up from the ground floor into a reliable trust worthy supervisor over an entire team overseeing accounts in 5 midwestern states and was being groomed into being a future director of one of our highest profiting centers. The problems really started to arise for me in mid 2021 when our company was forced to go permanently remote due to Covid restrictions.

I had always been a people person who thrived in face to face interactions so in hindsight it’s fair to say I was not prepared at all for the changes working remote would bring. The isolation and rigorous productivity/KPI metrics demands slowly but surely destroyed my mental health until it was too much for my superiors and colleagues to ignore. At the time I thought it was just burnout and that I could work through it but it was much worse. I had a full blown mental collapse and could not recover in time to save my job. Wish I had been honest and open from the beginning to my bosses but by the time I was it was too late and I’m pretty sure HR just assumed I was using mental health as a cheap cop out for my dip in performance and I was eventually let go due to not being able to keep up with my work. I know now I was extremely depressed and have since gotten help for it but with that another more immediate problem appeared.

My mother god bless her soul in her worry for me decided to take me back in to live with her again and provided for me financial assistance while I was working through my mental health. Again I was able to better myself in that regard and am now looking for work again but the problem is I was fired at the end of 2021 and it took close to a year for me to sort though my mental psyche so now that I’ve been looking for work recently I’m having a problem finding anything because potential employees are extremely wary of the huge gap I took in 2022. I’m not letting this discourage me I know I will find a good job in healthcare soon and will not stop searching until I do but I really wish there was some way I could give immediate back pay to my mother for all those months she spent supporting. She doesn’t like to talk about it but I know helping me caused her to be behind on her own financial obligations such as mortgage and monthly utility bills but she is a proud woman and only ever says, “Don’t worry honey we’ll figure it out together.” She is 61 she should’ve never had to support me at this stage in my life and I hate that my own mental weakness and failures as a man caused her to. 

I know I failed myself and her so what I’m hoping for is that there is a kind soul or souls out there willing to help me give my mom at least something in back pay and to hold myself over until I find a job. Looking for an amount in the range of $1500-$5000 as she never charged me for rent or groceries even though she definitely should’ve and it would provide immense relief if I was able to give her back pay while still being able to hold onto a little change to cover me until I find a new job so I no longer have to rely on her. I’ve been desperately trying to work odd side jobs and donating plasma when I can to get what scraps of money I can get but it’s no where near enough. Unfortunately I don’t have a car of my own to Uber in or I would’ve done that in a heartbeat.  If this does not interest you I completely understand after all it was my own pathetic mental weakness and career failure that put me in this situation. But if by some miracle there are empathetic souls willing to help me I promise I will be forever grateful. I can provide periodical/immediate updates to prove I will use most of the money to give my mom a lump sum back pay and I can even provide paperwork proving I have a new job once I get one. Even if no one responds to this I immensely appreciate anyone who took the time to at the very least read this. Thank you all and have a blessed day.  My PayPal link is :


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