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Creativity is the mechanisms responsible for creative thinking
Creativity is the mechanisms responsible for creative thinking.
What do Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Platonic Dialogues, Picasso's Avignon Maidens and the iPod have in common? There may be several answers, and one of them is to indicate that all this happened thanks to human creativity. This is an answer directly related to the following question — what is creativity? More in the blog "Antina Anta - my view"
The dictionary says that it's just the ability to create something new, original. The term seems understandable, but in fact there are dozens of different definitions of this concept in psychology and there are still no standardized methods for measuring this complex ability. This does not mean, of course, that scientists are not engaged in creativity. It is an ongoing subject of research, including behavioral psychology, as well as neurocognitive science and artificial intelligence research. The best example of this interest is the recent search for brain regions associated with creative thinking.
Creativity is small and big.
Attempts to identify certain areas in our brain that are responsible for certain thought processes are a common practice adopted in cognitive neuroscience.
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