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Marie and Savannah are both scammers and the same person.
They've been replying to all the latest posts with similar replies saying "contact me by email I really want to help you". They messed up and the "Savannah" account posted the marie email instead of the other one they were posting, plus its typed really similar so its obviously the same person and/or group of scammers. I emailed Savannah and then they wanted to google chat, then they want on a long story about how their family has always loved helping others and they help out in church all the time and their friends and family, whenever they need it, and that she knows a lot of students and helps them out with their intuition and just wants the world to be a good place. Then they started asking about a credit card because apparently their husband had recently died and their husband used to love helping people and giving to individuals and she wanted to continue the tradition but she didn't have access to her husband's bank account and only the "account officer" did and "the account officer only works through credit". I told them they can hook up the credit card to paypal and use that to pay the link and they got angry and said "calm the fuck down, and listen to me, you have to understand, you have to listen to me please, im not here to hurt you, I just want to help" then I told them I didn't have a credit card and then they tried to get I to set one up and started suggesting places and I don't qualify for one, so I said that and wished them goodbye and to have a great day. About 15 minutes later they said that they can do paypal and they can contact their friend, whilst repeating that they really want to help me and are trying to help me, then they asked for my link, even though I had already sent it. So I sent it again, then they didn't respond, 3.5 hours later they message back saying "I can help you now and immediately but you have to have a credit card like X or a bank like X" I told them I have a bank account and they said "oh good just tell me how to login so I can add the funds to your account" then they started rapid fire messaging I really want to help you, please let me help you, you have to listen, just trust in me, you have to trust me. I asked is this a scam? then they said "oh no and that they just want to help and to send me money" I said they can do an interac e transfer, then they said I don't know how and I explained how, then they asked "Oh do you have a bank card, can you send me a picture, I want to see what it looks like", At this point in time I was already writing a fuck you paragraph but they continued to type then they asked "do you have crypto, I can send you crypto, or If you have a credit card I can" as I continued typing they got angry and said "DO AS I SAY OR NO ONE WILL HELP YOU" "I'm just trying to help you, now listen exactly as I say and all will be good, you'll be safe, I'm here for you" then they said "You don't need help, you must not need help, your trying to trick me and take all my money" then they want off a rant about how I was trying to take all their money and use it for bad or unnecessary things. Which I wasn't and never implied anything regarding the manner. Then they said sorry and started saying a ton of things like im just trying to help you, I really want to help you, please listen to me, you have to listen to me. Then I sent my fuck you paragraph about how they'll get what they deserve for trying to scam struggling people out of their money, and that karma will bite them back like a bitch. Then I blocked them and sent warnings under some of the posts here and reported them as well. I hope no one gets scammed by this, I wish you all a great day.
Examining the importance of EMDR treatment in combating anxious symptoms: are there any observations?

Analyzing the function of Eye Movement Emotional Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy in dealing with anxiety: what insights?

Anxiety-related disorders influence numerous individuals of individuals worldwide, presenting remarkable challenges in daily operating and entire well-being. In this discussion, we investigate the purpose of EMDR (Eye Movement Sensory Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy in the healing of anxiety disorders.

Analysis implies that EMDR can be efficient in reducing anxiety signs and symptoms by focusing on fundamental traumatic experiences that contribute to the progress and sustenance of anxiety imbalance. By reorganizing distressing memories and associated unpleasant beliefs, individuals experiencing EMDR therapy treatment may go through a lessening in stress and anxiety-related ailments such as extreme worry, panic attacks, and prevention actions.

Additionally, EMDR's adaptive suggestions processing model suggests that by helping the integrating of traumatic memories into existing cognitive networks, individuals can experience a shift in their opinion of past events, leading to lessened nervousness and upgraded mental regulation.

Even though more research is needed to entirely elucidate the components fundamental EMDR's effectiveness in anxiety treatment, up front evidence points to that it holds guarantee as a important beneficial perspective for persons struggling with various uneasiness diseases.

EMDR establishment
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