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Single momma in need of finical help. PLEASE
I’m a single momma in need of some help. I’m so stressed out & simply desperate at this point. I raise my 2 teenage sons alone. I don’t have any help. My boys father quite his job so he don’t have to pay court ordered child support. Bills adding up. We need groceries. & school is getting ready to start back up. 
Friday night I spent 10 hours in the emergency room. I was dehydrated & over all exhausted because of the constant stress and worried. Trying to decide do I buy groceries or do I pay our electricity bill which is $937 bc entergy in Louisiana decided that we need to give them MORE money. My 16 year old works and helps me a lot. He isn’t home this weekend bc he is the varsity pitcher for high school baseball team. They need school clothes and supplies. I’m desperate. I feel my heart rate starting to increase as I sit here typing this out. I feel like I’m losing my health & my faith with each minute that passes me by. Any help will be greatly appreciated. -desperate mother
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