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Injured US Veteran in Japan needing help
I am a service connected Disabled Veteran currently working as an English teacher at a Japanese school. Two months ago, I injured my foot and a week and a half back I started having painful clicking in both my knees. I've traveled to several hospitals and clinics in Japan where the doctors were unhelpful and said that nothing was wrong.

It was when I got in touch with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) who work at the Yokosuka US Naval Base where I was put in touch with an officer who gave me two options. The first was to go to an international hospital in Tokyo called St. Luke's, and the second would be to fly to the main VA hospital in Hawaii. Opting for the first choice, I went to St. Luke's hospital and the doctor there told me that I had fractured three toes which new bone is growing allowing my foot not to heal properly. As for my knees, there was nothing much the doctor told me, nor did he give me any medication, or suggestive therapy.

My next option now would be to fly to the main VA hospital in Hawaii of which I do not have the money to travel to due to me spending it on the other hospitals and clinics including the travel to those places. There is a VA hospital in Guam, and one in Philippines. However, according to the VFW officer, he told me that those two places are lacking in resources and would require appointments and wait times. With all due respect, I humbly ask for funding for my travel expenses and accommodations to visit the VA hospital in Hawaii. Kind regards.

Round trip ticket: $1800
Food and accommodations: $500
Local travel: $50 to $100

If you would like to donate any amount, please send via PayPal to

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