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Homeless in 2 Weeks
With all the jobs available out there (I have two), you would think some would pay enough to live. ...I'm sorry, I'm bitter.

I only have a H.S. education and not much in way of skills. I have no family or friends wHere I am that I could currently stay so...PNW! (Pacific Northwest for those that don't know).

I'd like to completely uproot from current state of things (Minnesota) and go to Oregon. All I know is I checked U-haul costs and they are up around $1800.

I'm ok with homeless awhile, I'll find a job. I'm trying to stay positive and give myself something to look forward to. You know? Instead of hunkering down here and working a 3rd job for a studio apt.

I'd be grateful for anything, whether I'm able to make it or not, I'm going to need to some funds for sure. Thank you internet strangers! Smile

By the way, I'm 42 and never seen the ocean - no lie. ND, MN, CO whole life. Smile ...and that pic you'll see on the paypal link - yes, I have a bad eye, it sucks :/

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