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Please help me my need only $500 (emergency)
Hello ...friends
im Bikash, please help me to pay my credit card bill, During covid-19  i have lost my business, so couldn't repay my credit card bill, Now 1 year my credit card bill is pending...$900 the bank agent call me again and again from 1year to repay my credit bill but today the bank offer me I can closed my credit card by repay only $500 under 7days  but now my financial is down, please help me... If some donors can help me to repay my credit card bill $500 I shall be grateful to those person who help me in my hard situation life. My bless to those donors to get more opportunity, more success to his/her life.....Thanks

Please donate only $500 :-

I think i can help with your card payment of 500 but need to have a clearer or better understanding on some details so i can know how to come in with an assist. If you don't mind, you may contact me on and lets discuss over there.



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