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In desperate need of HELP
Hello I am a 46-year-old father two from Snow Hill, NC., I was unvaccinated when he was admitted to Vidant Medical Center, a North Carolina hospital that’s part of Vidant Health.  I have never been this sick in my life!! My whole family has COVID. I truly regret not getting the vaccine.  Although I believe I likely infected my wife and children, their symptoms were not as severe — a testament to how varied COVID-19 infection can be from person to person. I also figured I was less likely to contract the virus because I live in such a rural area.
During my hospital stay, my care was second to none. The exhaustion and the extreme body aches and not being able to breath was a very scary point during the whole ordeal. Vidant Health nurses and doctors are my hero's because they saved my life. I realize I could have prevented this. … It’s time to be rational and protective. It’s not worth being stubborn like I did.
It was about three weeks in the hospital before I showed any improvement, and five weeks in Vidant in all, I was discharged from the hospital  on March 7 2022. By me being out of work for so long I've gotten extremely back up on my bills and my vehicle was taking by the bank so I'm in desperate need of financial help so can catch up on my bills so my family and I will not get foreclosed on and to get my car back from the bank so I can get back to work so I can provide for my family. I just want everyone to clearly understand that I don't want a handout I just need a hand to help my family and I get back on track during these unpredictable times.
Thank you an GOD Bless I'm in desperate need of financial assistance!

Barren Mack 

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