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The site is outdated
The logo can be easily made into a square with no shadows, black outline with white text

Sorry I just recently joined.
Thank you for your input.  Are you interested in designing a new logo?  I'd be interested in any new ideas, and we could work out an agreement if I decide to use it.  Thanks!
The login page is not a secured page. Any chance to change it over to read as https?
How’s about a section where people post about having received help? I just can’t tell if this is legit or not cos all I’ve had so far are scammers and all I’ve read so far is lots of people asking for help and being manipulated or attempted to be, by posh sounding scammers.
I can spot them a mile off but I understand others won’t. Also do you have any way of knowing if anyone has received financial assistance from anyone through this site? Is there proof?

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