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The site is outdated
The logo can be easily made into a square with no shadows, black outline with white text

Sorry I just recently joined.
Thank you for your input.  Are you interested in designing a new logo?  I'd be interested in any new ideas, and we could work out an agreement if I decide to use it.  Thanks!
The login page is not a secured page. Any chance to change it over to read as https?
We are one of the largest stores offering an exclusive collection of original squid game Costumes
The site is outdated. I have been using this tool for a long time and it is really useful. I can get all the information about my health in just a few seconds. I like that there are so many features that make it easier for me to find what I am looking for and it is super easy to use. Visit this site for solution of outdated sites. The interface is very user friendly, so you don't have to spend a lot of time figuring out how things work.

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