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My hobbies are reading, cooking, photography, drawing, swimming.  For reading its normally romance or thriller.  Though if I find it interesting I read just about anything.  I'm always trying new recipes for cooking, right now I'm mostly into trying to cook healthy tasty food.  I like to take photos but love to see other peoples photos more.  I do love drawing, though I don't think I'm that good at it.  I'm sure I have more hobbies but just can't really think of any more right now.

I do have health problems and am always trying to find ways to help it.  My biggest problem right now is my scoliosis which causes chronic back pain.  Swimming definitely is something that can help with that.  Don't know if anyone else here suffers from back pain and might have more ideas on what to do to lower it?  I also suffer from depression and anxiety, which I take meds for.  I find drawing can help with some of it.  I'm also working at not being so shy.  I'm always looking at ways to save/earn some money.  Though I'm sure most people are.  Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday!

I also take care of cats and kittens, and have a patreon page with some of them.

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