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Homeless Mother of 3
Homeless Mother of 3 is down on her luck. This woman is so kind and compassionate as well as very hardworking and prideful. She believes in the concept that people need to earn what people get in life. I agree to that but there are time when people need help, especially when something bad happens out of their control. She has had a hard time finding a job and has lost two job due to the pandemic. Her car broke down a month ago and unemployment stopping coming 3 months ago. I am trying to raise money for her during these rough times. I have offered a place for her to sleep for now but because of my condition financially limited to the small amounts I from social security I am limited on my funds to help her. I would to raise enough money to pay for a place for rent for her and her children and for at least 3months to give her enough time to get settled and look for a job without worries. This will hopefully include utilities and food along with the deposit if enough is raises. I know she is too prideful to beg, but I beg of you to please help this amazing beautiful loving kind compassionate mother through these difficult times. I know she will pay it forward in the future as I have witnessed her do in the past opening her home and kitchen to those in need.

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