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pls help...
Someone who have a kind heart for my family.

I'm a mother of 4 kids. Our life was blessed before and my little store which we get from all our sources goes down because of pandemic. I'm having a hard time to start it all over again because I don't have enough funds to operate my little business and now debts are filling up to sustain our necessities. 
I am hoping anyone, someone who have a kind heart, who can donate any amount will do , we badly need help so that I can start again opening my store, then to have an income little by little to recover our basic needs like food we need the most, pay our monthly bills like water and electricity and everyday medicines for my diabetic mother and for my father medicines maintenance were he can't walk from his hip bone crack due to accident. 
I feel so down, feel useless, worried everyday how to survive. I'm praying every night that God will hear my prayers to send His angel to help us.

Pls help us to get back on our feet from this crisis situation. We greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for doing good deeds.


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