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Help Needed
Hello Everyone,

I have never really asked for money before especially from strangers but I am in need at this time and have no alternatives. I need to buy a vehicle so badly. I have been away from my sickly mother and siblings for a long time and I am not able to visit them.

I am currently employed but I am not making enough and literally have no savings to do this on my own. If I am able to purchase this vehicle I would be able to visit her more often and would be able to help her out from time to time with the other kids. I really need this vehicle as it would also be helpful when I move to a new apartment in a few months, which I also need help with. The average cost of the vehicle including importing fees is about 10,000 USD and around 600 USD to help with moving to a new apartment.

I desparately need to move to a new apartment as I need a bigger space and need to feel more comfortable. I currently reside in a quad where I have to be sharing 1 set of lines with 6 other tenants, have no proper ventilation, and am being run out by ants. I currently work from home which I have to be in a distraction-free zone but with the road nearby, it is impossible to drown out the sound of traffic. This is affecting the quality of my calls and frankly causing me to lose money. 

I know this may not seem like much and that of an urgent need but it is so much more for me. I would really appreciate even the smallest that you have to offer and even if you don't, I am pleased you took the time to read my story. 

$Cashtag: $MhzBarbieDolly

I am asking for some assistance as it is needed. Even if not for the car, just please assist me with the funds to move to another apartment. I cannot reside at this location much longer. Thank you.

$Cashtag: $MhzBarbieDolly


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