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Another warning
Here's a message I received from a member on this forum:

Recently I posted a request for help, of course I didn't get any help and I'm still struggling. But I received an email from scammer. Someone with this email - sent me a message that I can get help from some Ade Goodchild and I should send him an email. His email is Then as scammers do he sent a long message with spelling and grammar mistakes, and told me to contact with his ''attorney'' who's email is He said that I will receive £21.000 BUT I have to send them £25. I got suspicious and reported all those emails and got an answer that they are known scammers and  no one should send them money. I just wanted to warn. People should be careful. Thank you for reading. Have a good day.
This is exactly what happened to me. The only difference was that l was contacted first by a woman who emailed me the following::

Re: My Brother's funeral
hanks penny
11 Jan at 15:05

I am a single mom i was here  to offer help of some things I no longer needed, The past few years have been very rough on all of us. I went through divorce after 11 years of marriage and then just under a year later, sad and vulnerable, I fell into an abusive relationship ending when he finally escalated and beat me up and i was scammed of $5,000.
 We were  on our own and the 50 hours a week my kids  work isn’t making ends meet.  they work very hard, but cannot afford to pay my bills on time and am always in fear of utilities being shut off or being evicted. but i came in contact with someone  that introduce me to  Mr Ade who won a lottery and told me  I could use this medium to help others as well. I keyed into and behold I am doing well for myself and helping
others too. I want to urge you to also take this opportunity and try this out you will see blessings coming your way like you never expected it. I know you might not be interested but believe me if you actually believe in law of giving just like we are doing right now then you should key into this and do more  than what you doing for your immediate community and i believe there a lot of people you know who need this assistance both financially and otherwise use this means and let them benefit from this lets join hands to eliminate poverty from out various community and at the end we shall be happy we made this happen.
When i came in contact with Mr Ade  he was able help me with my financial assistance and i can assure that if you get in contact with him he can guild you through on how to end your financial troubles .Contact him on

I saw your ad  thought it was worth a shot for you to try as well.

They are SCUM and have been reported Karma WILL prevail!  Angry
It is & be wary of anyone asking you for your bank details. If people wanted to genuinely help, they could do it via PayPal which just requires your email address.
They're just low-life Scammers, ignore, report, or name & shame the scum!

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