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Education is Life
Hey! I am currently a 3rd year Radiologic Technology student in a state university in my country. Things have been tough for each and everyone of us since the pandemic. I know it's crazy to beg but I hope someone can help me buy the books for my studies.  It would really help me be the person I have always dreamed of. Big Grin  and my birthday is also coming up, I hope you can help me with this as a gift. 
Thank you very much. Any help is so much appreciated. <3

That's not big issue nowadays, many non profit organizations are supporting emerging technology students, you can approach them, and many platforms also supporting in Accademia.
I am working on big platform for solving take my course issue.
At the moment, I, too, have had a hard time since the pandemic.
totally agree I study in colege too right now.
Education is really important today. I study in college too right now and I combine work and study. Luckily I found online writing service with competitive prices.  I often ask pro writers to write my essays to save my time. These guys helped me with grammar and plagiarism check.  Also they can help to manage time and don't procrastinate. Useful tool for every students today.

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