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Which app do you use most often on your phone and why do you think about it?
If you do not know the answer.. so you can control both on IOS and Android which app you spend most of your time with when you switch to the Screen Time settings.

For me ... I use YouTube more, and it's no surprise. Whether I want to tune in to Kpop's return and stream MV, or I want to see what my favorite YouTubers are doing. My second places are Instagram and Tiktok for similar reasons.
For me it says, so far this week I've used Youtube for 4h 36min. Second place-Twitter at 1h 17min
I use FB, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, and my favorite is iphone call recorder for business calls. This is a must-have tool today, with it I can easily restore any important conversation. A very useful app these days.

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