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help me and my father please.
I would like to apologize in advance for my English, I'm using a translator.

I would like to ask you for financial assistance. My dad ended up in a wheelchair after an accident. It happened 3 months ago. He walked on crutches before. After his accident, we had to borrow money to live a normal life. Thanks to retirement, we can survive every day with 5 euros a day. But we still owe it to repay the loan. The debt is 1500 euros. I believe that there are good souls in the world and that is why I turn to you. I am very desperate for this situation because it completely changed my outlook on life.
I used to normally go to work and take care of my dad, but now unfortunately this is not possible because it requires 24/7 care. So I had to quit my job and that's why we are in such a financial situation. I found a job at home, but it is very poorly paid. What I'm most sorry about is that my father lost his zest for life after the accident and suffers from depression. I try to do everything for him, but he thinks he's just torturing me and he's sorry. I try to explain to him that it's an honor for me to do everything for him, but he doesn't understand. 
i will be extremely grateful for any amount. Sad
my paypal:
I give it up, it's all beyond my power. I hate my life.

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