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m need of safe sanitary home
.I had to leave my previous residents because we are infested with
roaches .im a newly divorced mom of three that has been a survivor of
Domestic violence that has led me to write this cry for help, I currently
live in a notorious violent city with no job opportunities and no
family. I stay with a friend in gulf shores off and on but need a
stable place on my own. Im needing somewhere around the area so I have
access to my friend who can keep my kids while I search for jobs. i
ve gotten some job offers but need a safe affordable place to
live preferably a 3 bed but at the moment anything will do to protect
and provide for my of now im getting $900 month in child
support until i am hired.i need help with the secruity deposit and first months rent .PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING OR KNOW SOMEONE THAT CAN HELP I
WOULD BE extremely grateful. if you could email me at
7115493@gmail.comwith any information. on how i can get into a home ASAP so i can provide shelter for my children. I have extremley low income and the lack of
work history (i have been a homemaker for last 15 years) and therefore I can't do this on my own I am on
foodstamps,full Medicaid but housing is my kids deserve a
stable place . my divorce cause extremely ad financial hardship on my family and
like i said im living only on $900 monthly .Im desperate
to get help and not let this defeat me. i want to provide a home for my
kids and make them in a dark place in my mind but I have
faith God will somehow help me through this. Thank you for reading. name is megan banks the relative im currenty ly staying in gulf shores,al and my car

please dont pretend you will help.i really need it

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