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Help to survive COVID
I am so disappointed to send this message, but I probably do not have any choice and may be the last and only thing I can do.

I was a working professional but from middle class family in India, my only goal was to make my family proud of me, with that in mind Alhumdulillah things were fine but since COVID started last year things changed all of a sudden.

The company where am working gradually went down and being ended up with no salary, but I was able to manage by doing local jobs and borrowed money from people I know to manage my living and my family in India.

But it’s getting worse, with having very little source of income and going high debt and no jobs anywhere.

I believe someday I’ll be able to recover soon.
Meanwhile I am requesting you with all my open arms, if you can support me financially during this time.

I am sending this message  with a stone on my heart, It will be soo help-full and support for me during this bad phase of my life.
And I believe I’ll be able to return the favour by helping people around me.

I believe you have lots of duties and responsibilities especially during this high time, If you can help me I would be glad and happy.

Please donate me here

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