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Can You Help Me?
I need help. I am so far behind with all of my bills. There is an issue I am still working with unemployment to work out but I have not received any money since September 2020. I broke my dominant arm and injured my leg in May 2020 but was working at a restaurant before covid. My rent, electricity, wifi and car are all in jeopardy. I need immediate help within the next 72 hours maximum. Most months I am short on food. I absolutely need to recover my car before Friday May 14 2021 and I am unsure how to make that happen before it is sold off. My credit won't be able to recover for seven years and public transit isn't readily available and Uber adds up too quickly. I have an eight year old son as well that depends on me. At this time I have no money and no help. I do appreciate whatever you can assist with. Any amount of monetary assistance is welcomed and greatly appreciated. My minimum debt currently is 25K and I still have yet to hear from the state and county when any of my back assistance is coming if it ever is. Even $25+ donations add up. Your assistance can save our lives. Thank you for your consideration in supporting a loving and kind mother.$ErinKFun

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