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Desperately need help to pay bills. Any help would truly be appreciated
Hi everyone, my name is George and I’m 21 years old. I am extremely embarrassed that it has come to this point, but I feel like I have no other option as I certainly do not want to take a loan out.

Basically, on Friday I was laid off from the job that I had in which I started after graduating from University in July. It was very unexpected, and from what I was told was due to the company needing to lay off several newer members of staff due to COVID financial reasons. This has now left me in a terrible situation as I’ve never been the best at saving money and I now have next to nothing in my bank account.

Next week I have several things to pay. One is board money to my parents (house expenses), which I pay £140 to them monthly. I really want to give them this money and not ask them to delay it because they are also struggling financially and I want to help them. I also have my phone bill to pay on the same day which is a direct debit so I definitely need money in my account then, and this is £60.

I applied for Universal Credit on Friday when I was laid off, and while I’m expecting it to be accepted, I won’t receive a first payment until next month so I really need someone’s help to get me through this month.

Overall, I’m looking for around £200. I am willing to stay in touch with anyone who helps, whether it’s by giving you my number, any social media, etc. and I will gladly pay you back when I’m fortunate enough to find a new job in this crazy world we are living in.

Thank you for reading and I will truly appreciate any help. Any little will help at this point.

My paypal is: 


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