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Just don't get it
I've been on here month now and all I have received is people asking for fees asking for money to help donate like I dont understand is this a site that helps or just scams fair enough its public site but o my people are so mean and take advantage of people in need sorry for rant but to the scammers on here people are tired broken struggling and in need people like ye should be ashamed and I dont get how you sleep at night taking from people who cannot afford to be scammed leave us alone and stop making our lifes harder than it is scamming is ignorant and so hurtful and 1 day you may need help and no1 will be there we all hit rock bottom but we all rise and maybe u will need us to help you some day karma is a wonderful thing and it hits like he'll so next time u try scam a mother who begs for help think of her kids her family and what u are doing thanks for making life worse too

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