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Porn Addiction
In the last few months I spent much more time watching porn than I had ever wanted. After a period of abstinence.
I am now consuming porn since about the year 2000. And I think I am some sort of a long time addict. Since I have wanted to stop so many times. And sweared to myself not to watch ever again. But each time I ended up watching again and again.
Does anyone have similar experience in here?
Could we discuss this subject, please?
what are you not doing because you're too busy watching porn? do those things. then you can watch porn too without all the guilt.
that's my attitude with my pot smoking. if it demotivates me from doing things, then i make sure to do those thing... while high Wink
A very interesting problem. I didn't know you could be addicted to porn. Judging by your words I am also addicted I like to visit adult video chat roulette in english . I really like it, I communicate with real people. And I don't think that's a problem.
Same struggle before. I wouldn't say I overcame it, but it's more controlled. One of the best thing that you can do is to assess why do you end up watching it?

I have 2 friends who I shared this method, and they said at least for the moment it eased down. Less porn consumption.

Identify what causes you to watch it. Is it boredom? Is it stress? (I realized I tend to watch porn as my means for temporary escape from real world problems)

And then of course, if this is an addiction, then there needs to be a mental re-wiring. Our mind is so used to watching it, that it signals our body to desire it. So we need to shift our focus to something else. Start a hobby, be more physically active. Those things.

Hope that helps!

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