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What do you watch in your free time?
What do you like to watch the most?
Queens Gambit finished. That was excellent.

Now starting The Right Stuff on Disney+
Not much... mostly tv series
I see You.
Not a bad mystery, keeps you watching and has a nice switch half way through. Bit slow a disconnected in places in the first half but stick with it. worth a watch
I recently got hooked on crime documentaries. You get a sense of how criminals think, how detectives investigate a crime, those kinds of stuff.
investigate conduct an inquiry or investigation of More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)

I love chatting with you guys!
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Filling your spare time with creative activities is a fantastic concept. There is a lot you can do, other than getting rid of the clutter in your closet and cleaning your room. You can read books instead of watching television.

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