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Please tell me if it's a scam or not
I was asking for money around the internet (and going to ask here later), and so far I've received only some scammy messages that I figured out right of way.

But here's the messages from one guy I suspect is a scammer but can't decide for sure (his address - ):


This is DESMOND FOUNDATION, our organization is basically on the quest to help vulnerable people who are in different circumstances which is more for them to handle. You can as well lay down your request so I can know how to help you 


After a couple of messages he wrote this:


Just so you understand, the refundable fee is needed so as for me to ascertain your commitment, it's to protect me.. and the transfer will be done via Cash App, Western Union or Money Gram or any other preferred choice of yours. The fee for $2,450 is $125 so the transfer of $2,575 will be done within 1 hour after the confirmation of the fee.


So I agreed to pay and he sent me this:

Send your full name and the means to which you want the donation to be sent to you. You can send the fee through Cash App, here is the information : $lindaswife23 

Is that fee really necessary if he giving away so much money? 
Will I really be able to refund the fee in the CashApp?
This is a scam.

If someone wants to donate, they will not need money from you. Great job being alert to their suspicious behavior.

If I were you, I would discontinue all communication with this person.
Hello i wonder if someone encounter the names,
James V Natiello and  Norwidth winterburn are they scammer or not.
They want to help but they  want  personal information.

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