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Rachel is here!
Hello, I am Rachel, I am from Belgium and want to be an active part of this community. Travelling is my passion and want to be a well-known traveller in my life. This is all about me now hopefully you would like to introduce yourself with me also will welcome me to this board. I am here to read your replies curiously.
Hi, Rachel!
[Image: welcome-composition-with-flat-design_23-...38&ext=jpg]
in this board from my side. My name is Roye and I am also a member of this community and sure that I will enjoy the fun here. I am sure that you will spend a nice time and stay connected here. Anyhow, you said that you from Belgium so share some stuff about your hometown here.
My name is Zoey and i would like to introduce myself to you, i am living in Munich city of Germany and i am 25 years old. Like you, i am also very kind hearten, sensitive and caring lady. I cannot see anybody in distress according to my reach and i think that, helping others is not a bad thing and i always keep this Proverb in my mind, that is " Do good have good".
Hi everyone! Excited to be active in this community!

Hope to be able to help someone today! Even through chat and advice.

I love chatting with you guys!
In case you would love to donate, below is my account


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