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I've been using this website for a while and I can guarantee it's trustworthy.
It pays you for little jobs to do online. (for example reading aloud) 
It's real and it regularly loads jobs. You'll be able to make up a little amount with a few jobs. 

If you subscribe using my referral link below and you'll do some jobs you'll help me too as I'll get a referral bonus.  Smile
I would really appreciate that as I am also struggling for money!! 
I'm sure this could be a good opportunity for many. 


Thank you
I'm back here just to let you know that there are always small jobs available at clickworker.
Working on that platform will help you earn a little money that is 100% real (it will be transferred on your bank account).
My referral link is
If you use this link I will receive a small bonus.
Thank you for using it

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