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Hello, I am a newbie here. My name is Roye and I belong from the New York which is my hometown. I am a traveler as well as a student of the master class. I really like to make new friends and do conversation with them on various topics especially on traveling. Communities are a great source of making a new friend and also for conversion, therefore, I join this community.
Hello Roye,,,
[Image: Welcome-With-Red-Rose.gif]
It's just really nice to have you here. I am so sure that this will are really nice to have you here on this great board. As just like you I am also a newbie here and have just joined this great forum.
I am too much glad after seeing all the welcome posts from members side for me. Every member says welcome to me in such a great way which I really like. By the way, some member asked me about my hobbies. Let me share my favorite hobbies here.
Watching movies
Enjoying nature beauty
Enjoying party with friends
What's about you?
Welcome to the community Roye, Good to read about your self and about your interests. I am sure you will enjoy your stay here and will spend a good time by taking participation in the discussion. YOur hobbies are quite similar with my interests. You let us know now that which attractions you have explored in your travelling experience?
Rachel! That's really nice our hobbies are quite similar and you want to talk about the names of the attractions which I had explored in my life because through this we can run our conversation. Let me share those attractions names here.
Niagara Falls
Yellowstone National Park
Boston Public Graden
Grand Canyon
London Eye
Eiffel Tower
and many more.
Good Roey!! It is very good thing to make friends because, friends are our power and wealth, They help us in our distress and calamities, They never leave us alone, Give us good suggestions and You said good that, communities are a good source of making friends so, Keep joint with this community. I hope that, This community will improve good for you and You will enjoy a nice time with this community.

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