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The big list of gigs and hustles, big and small
I'm going to be posting everything I've found for earning extra cash online with descriptions, over the next few days. Most of it won't be enough to live off of, but maybe it'll help someone else who comes along. Stay tuned.

Microworkers is a website that pays nickels and dimes, sometimes quarters, to members who perform various micro-tasks. Usually it's for signing up for websites or doing google searches, but they also get other types of gigs listed, and they have a paid survey section with Peanut Labs.

Another nickels and dimes website, with paid surveys. They have a videos section where you can get paid to watch videos. They offer a 5$ sign up bonus, but I've found it a little harder to use their site.

Maybe I need to call this the nickels and dimes section. Swagbucks offers something more besides small paid for tasks though. They give you their affiliate links to online products. When you use them to buy something, they get paid, then give some of that back to you for using their site. They offer payment through gift cards or through paypal. They also offer an option to donate earnings to charity instead.'s own crowd-sourcing site, my guess is it's one of the better options of the microjob sites, but you have to get approved for an amazon payments account to use it. Some people have trouble getting their identities confirmed though, when they try signing up. If you do get in, it's my understanding they start you off slow, and as you prove you are a reliable worker they offer you more, sometimes better paying, tasks.

There are lots of websites where freelancers with specific skills can offer services online, and employers can advertise for freelance workers for more involved, better paying work. Here's a few of the bigger ones.

Some online transcription jobs that don't require past experience or degrees, really. Just take your time to go over the style guides and read the rules. I'd do it a couple of times to make sure you soak it all in before taking the appication tests. There's online resources and questions from other people asking for help with passing the tests that you can look up too.

I also just found this the other night. Some of the links might be dead or outdated. A lot of them seem to require experience or degree's, but maybe some of you will find something on here. It's a pretty big list.

Random bitcoin faucet (site that gives out a tiny bit of bitcoin for free, usually less than a penny at a time) and gambling/lottery site I found while looking at earning and investing/trading "cryptocurrency" like that for an income. There's a free roll thing which gets you free entries into their main lottery. Figured, since it offers free chances, I'd try it.

There's also a bunch of sweepstakes sites, or the subreddit called sweepstakes, that people could try their luck on, but it's all long odds. My Email is full of spam now too so, use a disposable one if you want to give it a try.

This is the cryptocurrency equivalent to microworkers. It's not that hard to get set up with a bitcoin account, or get bitcoin exchanged for US dollars. Here's the site I use.

I know a lot of people probably are thinking that they don't want to get into something that pays in a digital currency like bitcoin but it works. It's not that hard.

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