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watch out!!!!!! seriouslty
I had the same person. email me again. after reading more about this site. this person is a royal robber everyone. a programmer.  they told me to resposnd to them. and I did was nice. they said they were going to help me. the god!  and so I told them more about me. and so they were the same person as the last person who emailed me saying they were going to help me. and told me to email the same people the smiths  and ask them to give to me.  what did I tell you about how in my royal family that is the same as yours. that I am not allowed to receive help... yeah watch out. psycos. for real this time. as in this the third time is the charm. for the hunger games warrior. do you understand?  you might not. so let me explain.   as I told you I am having a hard time in life. and all the years ive lost out on.  it is my rights to ask. for help and receive as many times as I want.  for all the years ive lost out on. and so if you reply to me. as a contender. then you are going to have to watch out again.  becuae you are to psyco to understand your rights as being who you are royal. who does not need help and denying me who does. that may and should make sence.   by the way I have not received any random payments from this site.  and am getting the psyco treatment by my own family  doing a server monitor process over me.  with out the tracefull aspectful knowledge. watch out.  this life I live still so unfair. how do you think god is really going to treat you compared to say the forgiving. and nice?

do not trust that person.  or  the top email.  maybe bother them and ask them for money like a royal amount or something. they will most likely pay you to get back at me GOD!!!! this is no joke and they will block you from being able to pay me. they are psyco and my family and ive been in a live fire war with them. so luck is truly on your side!!! PEACE to you not them alright!!! fair treatment to everyone not just the ones you want to love

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