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New web design trends
Web design has changed in recent time and the kind of websites created these days is way different from what were created a couple of years ago. Some of the trends followed by website design in recent times include:
  • Responsive Design: However fast the website design trends might be changing, some trends are here to stay. Responsive design is one such trend. In fact, it has ceased to be a trend but has become the new norm. More and more sites are going in this direction and this will be there in the coming years.
  • Beautiful Typefaces: The trend is shifting towards beautiful fonts and typefaces. Earlier it was costlier to develop such sites but over the years it has become much more affordable, even for word press theme websites. Thanks to Google Fonts, this trend will be here for some more time.
  • Large Background: Now is the trend for large, wide background images and videos. Great content that stands prominently is a simple way of making your site stand out.
  • Scroll Bar: The upcoming designs also have the feature of scrolling instead of clicking. This is so because scrolling is easy to do, intuitive and allows more interaction between the design and the user.
  • Flat Design and Material Design: Flat design is the new trend in design that has achieved a lot of momentum in recent years and is slowly evolving into material design. What is a material design? A material design uses a flat design along with subtle animation and effects to retain a tangible feel.
These are the trends one can expect to see in this year and upcoming years. Professional Web Design  is something very rare to find. There are companies offering web design services but how effective that web design is for the user depends on experience and expertise of the people behind the design.

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