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Get Started - How to request a donation
I found it.  I just wanted to let you know.  Thanks.
Has anyone really received any money from people who do have the extra money and actually help people on here? I see many requests for help but have not heard any successful stories of them being helped. I'm curious if I'm wasting my time. I hate looking foolish by begging for money on here if no one really will help. I'll still hold out hope that someone helps all of us. Thanks. Crystal aka Thee Louise
My sincere Thanks to whoever helps me. I'm not use to beging but I truly just want to go start online classes for photography and I need to purchase a Laptop and camera.  U can use  and also to $TheeLouise09 Thanks again Crystal 
Sorry I try posting 3 times thinking I did something wrong and it didn't post. Sorry for the member of freebeg reviewing it before making it visible. I was desperate and didn't read the the instructions properly
I previously bought DeltaCad 7 and got the CD and the product code #. Was running it on my old computer. I bought a new computer that does not have a CD reader in it. I want to install the Delta Cad 7 on my new computer. How do I accomplish this without paying for a new copy?
Time do Relax

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