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Get Started - How to request a donation
I don't know im only on few days I press new thread and than post it took me a day to find it too if you go into your name top right corner use cp and u should be a to fi d most recent thread
my post didn't post??
Hi I made a post about trying to save to get dentures and I forgot to put my cashapp in before I posted it my cash app is $andrea031482 can you plz help me get it on my post thank you
I forgot to add my pay link to my post and it hasnt been approved yet. What should i do?
How’s it going everyone, just wanted to share the struggle i’ve been going through. To start off my truck broke down a couple of months back. I’ve been struggling trying to save to get it up and running again but it’s hard to save with the little income i receive. Sometimes I have to decide wether to get groceries or save what I can. But since I have my mom to think about then it’s not even a question, I’m buying groceries to feed her. I'm a 22 year old male and I take care of my mom, she’s disabled and in a wheelchair. She’s amputated above the knee so therefore she needs me around all the time. Not having my truck has made a huge impact because that’s what I would use to take her to her appointments which are 45 miles away. It’s been sitting outside the mechanic shop for months now collecting dust. Lately i’ve been asking around for rides but I don’t like to bug people all the time. I’m just need my truck back. I would really appreciate the help a lot. Literally anything helps. Thank you and may God bless you all.
Good afternoon, dear participants! Dear people, the family of a political prisoner is in trouble, please help! Please make a donation to Bitcoin: 1D8Ntk42Detu9xAdiGKVTKwzmPsMjLpMFJ
It is necessary to raise funds, close debts, pay for housing, which is taken away by bailiffs, pay for legal services and many other expenses . I believe there are good people in the world. Thank you, and I hope that your good deed will be the answer to our prayers! Even a small contribution from every pure heart will help. Write if you have any questions.
Please make a donation in bitcoins: 1D8Ntk42Detu9xAdiGKVTKwzmPsMjLpMFJ This will help the family to close debts, pay for housing that is being taken away, pay for the services of a lawyer, send parcels to the son (political prisoner) and just survive in this situation. but while all these unresolved issues and the son, who is not at large today, are very sick (. I ask you to contribute anything you want to help achieve my goal. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your cordiality and generosity.
Sincerely, Svetlana. 
Perhaps you will read my message and be able to help, thank you, I really hope for a miracle and responsiveness.  Heart Heart Heart

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I am a single mum who has been sick for a while and lucked money to even see a doctor.

I am requesting for help cause my daughter is getting sick cause of our situation .

I need money for rent, food, medication and for paying my debts.

I will appreciate any help given.
Hello I'm posting on here to hopefully be able to get some warm clothing as well as some fire wood before this winter is fully upon us. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. I thank you all in advance and always pay forward a good deed. Much love to all!! My Paypal
I grew up with no parents, living in foster care is troubling now left on my own to figure out things you would think the government will help you or help guide the foster parent to make sure these vulnerable children don't have to feel neglected but I've been having a hard time since I babysit on my days off from school which helped me get here today but now I won't have enough time to get into college for I'm missing 3600.00$ to complete my registration for January's semester  there is no way I can get all that money by January anybody please help me.Thank you in advance for the help I will appreciate any help given.

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