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Get Started - How to request a donation
Greetings, I am reaching out today with a heavy heart, firstly i wish to express my gratitude to this website for changing people's lives, and giving me a platform to share my dream. I am seeking support on behalf of my beloved mother, a resilient soul named Patricia. At 50 years old, she has faced a challenge that threatens to upend our lives entirely.

We live in KwaZulu-Natal, amidst the serene beauty of nature, but lately, it's been anything but serene. The floods that ravaged our region have cast a dark shadow over our family, especially my mother. She's the anchor of our household, a devoted mother of five who's worked tirelessly to provide for us.

Patricia has been laboring as a domestic worker, putting in just two days a week to put food on our table. Every cent she earns is carefully allocated to ensuring we don't go hungry. Her dedication and selflessness have been a beacon of hope for our family.

However, these floods have become our worst nightmare. Our house, a place filled with cherished memories and dreams, has been severely damaged. The relentless rain, which should bring life to the earth, now threatens to swallow our home whole.

My mother's fear is palpable. She's not just afraid of losing our house; she's terrified of losing our sense of security, our shelter, and the place where we've laughed, cried, and grown together.

It's heart-wrenching to see her anxiety every time the clouds gather. She should be savoring the serenity of her golden years, but instead, she's consumed by worry about the future.

That's why I'm reaching out for support. We desperately need help to repair our damaged home and secure our family's future. My mother has given everything to us, and now, it's time for us to rally around her.

Your assistance, whether it's through donations or any other form of support, would mean the world to us. Together, we can ensure that Patricia, my brave 50-year-old mother, doesn't lose her home and that she can continue to provide for us her children.

Thank you for considering our plea and for helping us weather this storm as a family.

Any amount would be appreciated
Good evening, with a lot of nervousness and with a translator, I write these words and I would really like it to work. I will write a story about part of my story. I am 51 years old. I arrived in the United States 8 years ago, married and with two children, one grown and the other younger. 3 years ago. I separated from my husband after 18 years of marriage and I confess that it has not been easy to stay afloat financially. I work about 3 jobs but they only serve to try to keep up with the bills and I send money to my parents to help them with their food so I can never save something always comes up to pay last year was a very hard year for me due to medical issues I lost my job and just got into more debt this year has been a little better but I still live carrying debts but it's not me We were happily only 6 sisters in my country, each one had to emigrate to different places and we all helped our parents and unfortunately my father died 5 months ago, his absence has been very hard since it was in the plans to bring him to visit and he died a month before Coming after he died, I found out that he had cancer and he didn't want to tell us anything so as not to worry us about the money because he thought we couldn't pay and it wasn't even because of the money, but in our country the medical issue is very precarious like that. He decided to keep quiet and endure as much as he could and it was very hard because he was a man who spoke to us first thing in the morning to wish us a successful day. We spoke 3 and 4 times a day from the day I arrived in this country and his absence is very painful. and for his funeral expenses I went into more debt than I already was, but it doesn't matter, he was my father and I would do it 10 times more. He was the man who gave me the education, the love and the values that I have today, I loved him and I will always love him, the case It's just that out of 6 sisters, 4 will manage to come to Miami and spend Christmas with me, some can contribute a little more than others, but the truth is that one of my sisters who comes, I haven't seen her for 10 years and I'm so excited for the day that I haven't seen to arrive. It's time for December to come to hug her and be with my other 2 sisters, but my request is a help for me to be able to cover my bills for the month of December and January since I know that I won't be able to work like I do until now and I'm worried about not to be able to pay my bills and I know that this is not a reason to ask for help but no matter how hard I work I can't make more money and every time I have less time to do it if anyone wants to collaborate God knows I will thank you from the bottom of my soul I just want to being with my sisters and welcoming the year with them, thank you from the bottom of my heart
Hello, I've been facing significant challenges since my disability benefits were cut off by New Brunswick's social assistance program after receiving federal disability support. They're demanding over $6000 in retroactive payments, and to make matters worse, they terminated my prescription plan, leaving me to cover medical expenses out of pocket. Additionally, I need to travel to Halifax for medical care, but I have no support for gas and hotel expenses. This situation feels incredibly unfair; it's like being punished for my disability. Any donations would greatly assist me in covering medical bills and essential travel expenses. Your help would mean the world to me.
Hello everybody, 

I am Alex,a 27 year old from Spain. I am currently out of money. I am looking for a full time or part time job and have little resources, I have worked for 7 years on and off but the economic crisis is bad here. The last income I recieved was 40 euros to work 10 hours one day and havent had luck since. I have experience in several fields, but i work in anything that comes out because money is money and work is work. I´ve lived by myself since 18 years of age & i have no family left. my mother died when i was 13, i dont know my father and both my grandparents from my mothers side are dead also. i am on my own

My only means of transport was an old bicycle and it finally gave up a few days ago, so now i have to walk everywhere because i cant afford to catch transport, i have to put that money towards food.

i have maxed out my loans so i cant ask for any, i also cant pay them back. This isnt a huge issue because my countries laws for loans are just being on a morosity list, but i cant access any loans either way.

I do not smoke or drink, i need to get back on my feet because this is just a bad stretch as i like to believe.I am not asking for much, just to explain, i can eat with 20-30 euros a week, basic food, but food nonetheless and i am grateful for even 1 euro, or cents. right now i only have rice in my pantry. I hope i will work a day to be able to pay for my groceries and to be able to print out more curriculums/resumes.

This is a last resort, i feel embarassed to beg in real life,i had a bad stretch 7 years ago and i dont want to go back to the soup kitchen. i will leave my paypal email to any kind person that wishes to donate to my cause. may god bless you all

thank you in advance

edit 22 november: i could buy some groceries for the week, but i still have no reccurring income

paypal email is even $1 helps.
Need Help to Pay Huge Medical and Credit Card Bills

I’ve been debating whether to do this for the past month. However, I’m not sure If I can do this any longer. I’ve been laid out of work since January because of the health problems I had. I took two months to rest since I didn’t have a proper vacation from work for almost 5 years due to COVID. I was able to survive using my emergency fund, but it’s been months of job searching and I still haven’t been able to secure a new job. Both of my parents have underlying health condition that I feel are more important than mine, so I’ve been prioritizing sending money to those first. My parents are both old and retired and since they are dependent on me, I cannot ask them for any financial aid. I don’t feel myself getting better, but I don’t have any more savings and remaining credit in my card for consolation and eventual surgery.

I’m currently living off from my credit card but not sure until when I can last. My debt is piling up and recruitment goes down during Christmas season. I’m really hoping to get outside help in paying my medical/credit card bills of 13,000 USD. Any small amount you want to give will help.
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Has anyone really received any money from people who do have the extra money and actually help people on here? I see many requests for help but have not heard any successful stories of them being helped. I'm curious if I'm wasting my time. I hate looking foolish by begging for money on here if no one really will help. I'll still hold out hope that someone helps all of us. Thanks. Crystal aka Thee Louise
My sincere Thanks to whoever helps me. I'm not use to beging but I truly just want to go start online classes for photography and I need to purchase a Laptop and camera.  U can use  and also to $TheeLouise09 Thanks again Crystal 

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